About the Legacy Fund

What is the FES-GCF Legacy Fund? 

The FES-GCF Legacy Fund is a long-term fund created to remember the legacies left behind by those who dedicated their lives and their career as staff workers to student and graduate work. It continues to this day that the FES and GCF staff workers play a critical role in the faith development of students and graduates in the universities and polytechnics. It is essential that there is proper investment in the staff workers to sustain them for effective ministry for the long-term. As such, this Legacy Fund is all about the sustainability of FES and GCF staff workers in three ways.



The world is changing at such a rapid pace and the staff need to keep up with learning. Yet even as living costs have risen, so has learning costs. There is also the need for staff to acquire new skills and competencies for modern ministry by fully embracing lifelong learning for themselves.

The Legacy Fund is meant to provide FES and GCF staff workers more learning opportunities to acquire new capabilities that will be critical to ensure the long-term sustainability of FES and GCF for a new generation.



Time is needed for staff to gain experience and wisdom that is necessary for organisational leadership and sustainability. Yet staff will begin to feel many pressures once they stay in ministry beyond three years as more life considerations come in. It is a challenge for staff to then consider ministering long enough to develop the necessary experience and wisdom for effective leadership.

The Legacy Fund is meant to enable staff to stay longer in student and graduate ministry and to consider it as a viable long-term career thereby enabling FES and GCF greater leadership sustainability.



There have been unpredictable times when FES and GCF have faced financial uncertainities and have had to divert attention from ministry to crisis fundraising for the staff.

The Legacy Fund is meant to provide a responsive source of funds to these situational needs to ensure that ministry will continue without undue disruption.